Soil nutrient changes in Ultisols under oil palm in Johor, Malaysia
Patrick Hong Chuan Ng, Huang Huang Gan, Kah Joo Goh

Soil pH, organic C and total N decreased with time in the oil palm agro-ecosystem. However, the decline in soil pH was slight whereas those related to organic C and total N corresponded to the period when the oil palm biomass was burnt or partially burnt at replanting. The large increases in soil organic C obtained with the zero burn replanting technique were favorable. There were large positive changes in soil P and exchangeable K, which might be attributed to the applications of higher rates of phosphate rocks and K fertilizers especially from the 1990s following the results of fertilizer response trials. Exchangeable Mg were lower in burn or partial burn areas but were higher in zero burn areas. This study shows that the soil fertility status of the Ultisols under oil palm in Johor has been enhanced through current fertilizer management practices and zero burn replanting technique.
31 December, 2011
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