LCI comparisons of five vegetable oils as feedstock for biodiesel
J.M. van Zutphen, R.A. Wijbrans, Foo-Yuen Ng

A LCI study is carried out on rape seed, canola, palm oil, soy bean and sunflower for their potential to be used as feedstocks for biodiesel. Biodiesels made from them are shown to be produced with lower CO2eq emissions relative to fossil diesel. As such, the CO2eq emission reduction savings, using the carbon balance approach, ranges from 67% for soy to 53% for sunflower biodiesel. Using the energy balance approach, the energy use savings ranges from 79% for palm oil to 62% for sunflower. In all cases, they are above EU RED’s threshold value of 35% savings, needed for a feedstock to qualify as an acceptable biofuel feedstock in EU.
10 June, 2011
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